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Dear Student,

Welcome to the School of Valuation (SoV). A project dedicated to partner your journey in becoming a valuation professional.

What is the School of Valuation? SoV aims to supplement the 50-hour compulsory educational course offered by Registered Valuer Organizations (RVO). If you are currently enrolled in such a course or have already completed it, you might agree that the 50-hours course was woefully inadequate for your preparation. Eventually, the success rate of candidates passing the valuation examination bears this fact.

At SoV we want to improve this situation, a little bit.

How do we do that? SoV provides a suite of full-length courses (including study materials) and mock tests to aid your preparation. We have strived to aim at a level of quality that is higher than what is actually necessary to pass the examination.

In its short history, SoV already has some success stories to brag about. Several of of our students who purchased the full-length courses have aced the valuer exam in their very first attempt after enrolling with SoV.

A sample of students who have passed the registered valuer examination after taking our course are provided in the annexure below. In the future, we will be updating this list as we come to know of more students who make it into this list. If you are a student and have already passed the RV exam (keeping track of this information is hard) or know someone who has, please do write to us with the details (, and we will gladly add you to the Hall of Fame.

We regularly post blogs on the site, some on general topics such as exam preparation strategies and others on technical topics. One of our popular posts – Which is the best RVO in the country - is highly liked, so you may want to check it out.

The valuation examination is a challenging exam with a broad range of topics. Without thorough preparation, passing the exam is difficult. With a high cut-off required (60%), it has become a hard-to-crack exam even for the best amongst us.

Currently (as of June 2021), there are only about 1500 registered valuers under the securities or financial assets category. With two economic legislation (Companies Act and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code) requiring mandatory certification by a registered valuer, this number will require a significant increase. With the National Institute of Valuers Bill in the anvil, the valuation professional is slated to become a mainstream profession with its own dedicated education architecture.

According to the bill, in comparison to our economy, over the next decade, 200,000 valuation professionals will be required in the country. In the meantime, our disparate regulations will consolidate its valuation requirements and point to only one valuation professional which is the registered valuer.

Despite all these great numbers, the profession will be closely guarded in terms of quality. The quality will not suffer for the sake of quantity. Whether you are a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary or a Master of Business Administration (Finance), there are several areas of the valuation examination that one finds challenging. The valuation profession has its own ‘rules of the game’, so to speak. While having a prior professional qualification (like CA, CS, or CMA) is certainly advantageous, it is by no means a guarantee of success in the examination.

Yet, we find the IBBI Valuation exam/syllabus one of the most fascinating areas of study. The study of Valuation is like the perfect liberal art pursuit. There is accounting, economics, law, investment, accounting, corporate finance, etc., making it one of the best curriculum combinations of any degree or professional certification in the world!

Now, we invite you to take up this challenge and make SoV a partner in that journey. Check out our courses and sectional mock-tests. A word about our mock tests. Our sectional mock-tests are designed to help in not just testing, but also assist in your preparation.

Finally, we are always open to suggestions and improvements to our study materials and mock tests. Please write to with feedback.

Best wishes and happy learning.
Team SoV
19 June, 2021,

Hall of Fame
1. Krishna R Sannidhi (August 2021, AIIOVF)
2. Vamsi Krishna Sreekakulam (June 2021, IOVRVF)
3. Manmohan Sharma (May 2021, AIIOVF)